We are back!

Whether you're joining a gym for the first time or are an advanced lifter, we have services and equipment to exceed your needs. Training doesn't have to be your whole life for it be efficient. At Motivus you'll train safely in a encouraging environment.

Our concept is designed to suit your needs. Two to three coached sessions a week is more than enough to enchance your wellbeing.

Motivus Train Factory

Motivus is open for its customers every day of the year between 06-23. Membership purchases are made upon registering. You will get access control and entrance details after you've registered.

Reception is open every tuesday and thursday from 16 to 18. If you have any questions outside reception's opening hours, want to try out the gym or want to book a free trial Groups session, please contact support@motivus.fi.

Read more about our premium services and check out our Groups calendar below.

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Traverssikuja 3
00510 Helsinki
Open 6-23 every day