119.90€ / 4 weeks
Motivus Groups

⁠Motivus Groups gives you the access to our wide range of group training classes that are planned by our professional coaches. Motivus Groups consists of modern group training that combines the best parts of exercising: a great time in a good community! In addition to unlimited group training classes, you can train at the Motivus Train Factory gym within the opening hours.

59.90€ / 4 weeks
Gym Membership

⁠Motivus gym membership gives you the access to our stunning gym at the Train Factory every day of the year from 6 am to 11 pm. The gym is equipped with state of the art equipment from primarily ATX and Watson and suits the needs of both the advanced and the beginner.

399.00€ / course
Motivus Startti

Next Startti TBA. Startti is a 4-week coaching program where you will learn the basics of safe and effective exercising.

⁠⁠Startti is a revolutionary and easy way to start training. During the course, you will practice proper exercise techniques, sweat through effective workouts, and most importantly, have fun!

85.00€ / hour
Motivus Personal Training

Upgrade your training by contacting a Motivus coach!

20.00€ / hour

MamaTreeni is a training group for new mothers and you can bring your own child with you to the training sessions. The group trains together on Wednesdays at 11-12. The group is held at a leisurely pace and the presence of children adds an extra spice to the class! The group size is 10 people.

⁠The group is coached by Isabel Coloma. Good vibes are a guarantee and you'll be enjoying training faster than you'd think!

⁠You can join the group with a child aged 8 months or younger.

170.00€ / card
10-time serial card to Ryhmäliikunta 3.0

By purchasing a 10-time serial card you save money with every visit!

20.00€ / hour
Motivus Seniorit

Motivus private lessons for seniors! The classes are held on Mondays from 12-13.

⁠The group focuses on maintaining and improving functional ability. Good muscle tone and body control help you to cope better with everyday life.

⁠The sessions last 60 minutes and each session is attended by a professional coach. During the class you will develop strength, body control and oxygenation. The movements are simple and safety is at the heart of everything you do.

⁠⁠Send us an email and book your spot!

20.00€ / booking
Day pass for Ryhmäliikunta 3.0

With a day pass you can join one Ryhmäliikunta 3.0 -class of your selection. You need to register as a member and choose the correct product.

⁠Check the calendar for a class you'd like to participate in and buy a day pass. You are then able to book yourself one class during the next 24 hours following your purchase.

60.00€ / hour
Motivus Small Groups

Looking for a coach to train you and your friends? Get in touch!

15.00€ / booking
Day pass

Coming for a single session? Choose Day pass while registering and we'll see you at Konepaja! With a Day pass you get instant access to Motivus Vallila.