Group Training 3.0

With Group Training you can take your pick from a variety of classes and create a package that's just right for you.

Woima is all about big compound movements, such as the deadlift, squat, different kind of pressing movements and upper body pulling movements, as well as their variations. You guessed it, these classes are strength-focused. In Woima-classes we use for example barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, bodyweight and the power sled. With Woima, you will get strong surely but safely!
Swetti AKA sweat. These classes have a sweat guarantee! The content is modern circuit training and equipment used include barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, rowing machines and many more. The intensity of the workout is high, so your lungs are burning, your heart rate is near the top and your muscles are firing with lactic acid.
Liike, the Finnish equivalent for movement. No more stretching in the 2020s. There is much more to mobility and body maintenance than static stretches. Liike keeps your body fit and mind sound. These classes are a great support for the everyday life of an office worker. Stiffness and aches are a thing of the past with Liike. These classes are also great for hard-training athletes. Feeling achy? Book Liike!
Kahvakuula is the Finnish word for a kettlebell. In a kettlebell class, you will train with kettlebells and your own body. The kettlebell is a versatile tool for developing strength, endurance, mobility and more. Training with kettlebells is fun and rewarding. The classes are also enriched with bodyweight exercises and the overall effect is very effective.
In these classes you will develop a wide range of endurance skills and build up your grit, sisu. You will learn which heart rate zones and equipment make sense for endurance training. Classes include assault bikes, rowing machines, ropes and the power sled. You might even go for a run out of the gym door from time to time. From this class, it's a good idea to jump into the Motivus Racing team and get involved in running and other endurance events.
In these classes, you do movements using only your own bodyweight. Bodyweight training is fun and the possibilities are endless. The classes are inspired by a variety of sports, including dance, gymnastics and martial arts. You live your whole life in the same body and in these classes you will learn how to keep your body in good and functional condition. Bodyweight training and Motivus are build for your life.
RVP is the Finnish acronym for thighs, abs and glutes. This class is pure Motivus-nostalgia. The classes are great fun and as the name suggests, the workout focuses on the lower and middle body. The thighs are sore, the stomach and buttocks are burning, but the reps add up as the coach encourages.